MiNE Media Q8 4G Live Streaming Bonding Video Encoder


  • Dual HDMI/SDI
  • 3 SIM/WiFi/Ethernet/USB Dongle
  • M Live App Control
  • Portable to carry
  • Portable Wireless 4G Streaming Encoder, HD live video streaming through RTMP/RTMPS/RTSP/ SRT directly to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc.
  • H.264 (RTMP/RTMPS/SRT), H.265 (RTSP/SRT), support Up To 1080p60
  • Simultaneously bond up to 6 network links including support for 3* 4G LTE cellular or 1* USB Dongle, Wifi, and Ethernet.
  • Internal rechargeable battery provides up to 4-6 hours of continuous streaming.
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